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In our world, technology is constantly changing, improving. Eye care and surgical technology is no exception, and we strive to be up to date on the latest advances in our field. But, technology means nothing unless it's in the hands of a trained professional. And that is where Eye Group of Mississippi stands apart—compassionate vision care, cutting-edge technology.

Our Procedures

  • Cataract Surgery with Advanced Lens implants

    The technological advances in cataract surgery have opened options to our patients that previously we could have only imagined. Advanced lens implants not only correct the cataract but also correct previous vision problems and can set you free from glasses.

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  • Refractive Surgery (Z-LASIK)

    Eye Group of Mississippi is proud to offer this blade-less LASIK surgical option; reducing or eliminating your dependance on contacts or glasses. Discover the benefits of the Z-LASIK Refractive Surgery.

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  • Laser for Glaucoma

    Our state-of-the-art laser procedure steps in to help manage your glaucoma when drops and medicines are no longer the best options. Understand your glaucoma.

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  • Corneal Transplants - DSAEK

    If your Doctor has diagnosed you with a cloudy cornea that is affecting your vision you may be eligible for a DSAEK procedure. Representing an advancement in surgical corneal transplants, DSAEK replaces only the damaged portion of the cornea.

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