Surgery Center

When you find out that you need eye surgery, you'll most likely experience feelings of nervousness and concern. That's perfectly normal. We understand how patients feel—mostly because vision is such an important part of everyday life! 

We've been performing difficult and precise eye procedures for decades. In some cases, Dr. Ashford has been the first to perform certain specialty eye surgeries in Jackson. Our doctors have over 50 years of combined experience, giving them the confidence and expertise to provide the care you need. So there's no need to worry ... we'll help you stop worrying about your vision and get back to living your life.

Our office has the only single-specialty ophthalmic surgery center in the city of Jackson. We have state of the art operating rooms and the very latest surgical technology.

This series of videos will help you with pre-op and post-op instructions. Click on the set of 4 squares in the bottom right hand corner of the video player to select the video you'd like to watch.

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